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February 22nd, 2012

Stack Overflow – das „Aquaplaning des Assemblerprogrammierens“

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tacos2012 Ja, an solchen Tools arbeiten wir insgeheim auch. ;)

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rvianello Just leveled up and I now absolutely need 430 more skill points. @duolingo is the most addicting thing on the internet since MUDs. Love it.

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kathrinpassig #wasfehlt: Fake-Anamorphose-Streetart, die aus überhaupt keiner Perspektive das Bild einer Leiter ergibt.

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“Stop being so prefrontal!”

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“Voice of America programming should not be disseminated within the United States.” Da fuq?

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Thanks, Donald E. Knuth, for fundamental contributions to computer science, and some horrible (and fiendishly useful) software.

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