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November 6th, 2012

Klassische selbsterfüllende Prophezeiung: Heute lohnt es sich nicht, die Spülmaschine laufen zu lassen.

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orbisclaudiae Was wollen Männer in Mazdasportwagen sagen?
"Ich habe zwar 'nen kleinen Penis,aber er ist nicht sooo klein,dass ich einen Porsche bräuchte"?

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_komakelle_ Satan im Swingerclub: Der Teufel trägt Nada

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Thanks to @janburse for the great pointer.… - see pp. 9, 22-23 for the genesis of the grave accent code point.

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And thanks to this historical accident, "backquotes" (`) were available and acquired all kinds of special meanings in programming languages.

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So ` is in ASCII but not ´ because ' stood for the latter when combining, i.e. following backspace. Similarly, " could stand for ¨.

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janburse @texttheater In October 29-31, 1963 it replaced the left-arrow.…

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