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February 24th, 2019

"We split him into two teams."

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Wir setzen die Reihe "Der besonders sinnfreie Social Lede" fort mit…

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ryandcotterell @adveisner @wittgen_ball @NAACLHLT @ACL2019_Italy You are *no longer* allowed to cite your own work as anonymous. To quote the sty file "Please do not use anonymous citations and do not include when submitting your papers. Papers that do not
conform to these requirements may be rejected without review."

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Much of what is called "bread" in English is called "Toastbrot" in German because it's only tolerable when toasted.

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3 of 5 stars to Sandbergs Liebe by Jan Drees…

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yeahyeahyens @texttheater the misplaced assignment operator in the condition

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good unreliable narrator vs bad unreliable narrator

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derhoch @texttheater I'm the semicolon after the closing bracket of the for loop header.

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Vilinthril TIL: Ghost populations in human DNA ancestry.…

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PennyRed ‘The new trophy wife in tech isn’t the hot young model. It’s the most brilliant, accomplished woman you can get to give up her career to have your kids.’ - a woman who works tech told me this two years ago and it still haunts me.

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"Um den Energiesprung abzudecken, müsste ein Beschleuniger mit heutiger Technologie einen Radius ähnlich dem der Milchstraße haben. Dazu sind selbst 20 Milliarden Euro nicht genug." 😂…

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Gibt es irgendwo eine Liste aller bisherigen "Experimentier"-Tatorte?

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