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January 18th, 2018

hab isch morgen zahnarzttermin

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SPIEGELCaptions Der letzte Kaiser: Broadwell beginnt.

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ATBrokenNews Künstliche Alterung: Rom ermittelt gegen Quanten-Fehlerteufel und Samsung

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Aktuelle Forschungen zur Arbeit-Vergnügen-Schnittstelle

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labenzticker leipzig (Num.): Universelle Worterweiterung zur Benennung von geschätzten Zahlen- und Jahresangaben. Beispiel: „Ich glaube, es sind so ca. einundleipzig Kilometer“ oder „Was weiß ich, es war so um neunzehnhundertzweiundleipzig.“

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SequelMemes When you throw out the packaging of a microwave dinner and immediately forget how long to microwave it for

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"Many of the most iconic Breaking Bad story moments were reverse-engineered, with Gilligan or another writer coming up with a memorable image and everyone having to work backward to get Walt and Jesse there."

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"a lot of the most emotional character-driven beats throughout the life of Breaking Bad were created for very meat and potatoes logistical reasons"… via @UPROXX

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CalumMcSwiggan English recipes:
250g of flour
100g of butter
100g of sugar
60ml of milk
1 egg

American recipes:
Twelve quarter cups of flour
Nineteen small sticks of butter
Forty three thimbles of sugar
Three udder squeezes of milk
One unripened feather baby

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