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December 30th, 2018

skglas die tr administration erinnert mich an meinen putzroboter, 20cm nach vorne, bums gegen ein hindernis, kurze linksdrehung, versuchs-bewegung, kurze rechtsdrehung, versuchsbewegung, dann im kreis drehen usw.

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kochen mit salz viele salz rezepte entdecken sie salz

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ThePaleRedDot Why are Seth McFarlane and Elon Musk the same people in my mind?

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Wort des Tages: Funktionör*in

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I could make fun of the Dutch language for calling the floors of a building "deepenings", but my language calls them "projectiles", so...

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nsaphra This year I replaced most short form reading time (social media, news, dicking around on my phone, listicles) and most video watching time with books, finished 73 of them. It's the best thing I did for myself in a year when I was a full dumbass.

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